What is FoodFit UK?

FoodFit UK was established in 2017…
Lillie Pragnell_FoodFit Nation


I’m Lillie – a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, here to support you with easy to follow exercises to get you moving again, whatever shape you are. I also bring expert nutritional guidance so that you learn the real science behind what you should eat.
We are real mums, with real bodies and we’ve got fit! You can too.

Nicola Marshall_FoodFit Nation


And I’m Nicola – an ex-weight loss consultant. I know how you’re feeling and how you’ve felt in the past too.
I’ve been every size, from an 8 to an 18 and everything in between. But I’ve lost all the weight through the FoodFit way – freedom and informed choice – and you can too!
We bring support to real life problems – emotional eating, chocolate addictions and the temptations that a busy life brings!

Together we bring a unique and personal expertise to FoodFit UK and are available at any time you need some support.