We want to make sure we can give you the best service possible in your journey to finding your best ever lifestyle.

This is why we are offering a selection of  ways you can work with us.

Coaching: We offer 2-2-1 personalised coaching packages where we work with you over 3 months to help make the changes required for you to evolve, learn and be the best version of you. To book your FREE 2-2-1 lifestyle clinic consultation click here.

Workshops: Periodically we run 1-day workshops throughout the country to educate people who are looking for that kick up the bum, the inspiration and some guidance on how to get where they want to be. This includes exercise, nutrition, mindset and goal setting. To find out when they next workshop is running check out our what’s coming up page.

Bootcamp: 3 times a year we host our phenomenal Bootcamp. This is an 8-week programme for people serious about changing their lifestyles and eradicating their bad habits. We work with a very small group to get the most out of them as possible. We want to help you make the changes that can transform your whole life, give you more energy, more confidence, feel good about yourself again! More information coming soon.

Online Courses: Charge is our 28 day plan to get you in tip-top shape and start to make small changes that you can then follow through long after the plan has finished, giving you freedom and being empowered to make the right choices. Coming May 2018!

Nation: Also an online support community FoodFit Nation for those who can’t make our workshops or live overseas.