Do you want FREEDOM
from dieting?

Do you want to feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT to make your OWN food choices?

Do you want more confidence in YOURSELF and happiness with YOUR OWN BODY?

Do you want to be part of a group of people JUST LIKE YOU, who cheerlead and support you every step of the way?

Do you worry all the time – about how your weight makes you feel? It gets you down, doesn’t it?

You’re fed up of living a life tracking your meals, or living off shakes. Following a PLAN.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be free of that feeling?

Foodfit nation is here to get you out of diet jail FOREVER!

FoodFit Nation is all about getting you off your diet and into a new mindset, full of positivity about leading a healthier life, while maintaining weight loss.

We’re here to empower you around food, so that you are FREE to make your own choices, without a restrictive diet regime.

We educate you about what is healthy and what is not, backed by science, so that you have a clear idea of what you can eat without feeling deprived of all the good stuff!

Join FoodFit Nation today and get daily support from us – Lillie and Nicola – as well as our wonderful Nation Tribe.

We will free you from all diets!

We will help you love your body, love yourself and love your life!

Forget everything those diet companies have taught you and become refreshed and ready to enjoy food again!

What you will learn:

  • In the Nation group, you get weekly online videos about how to choose the best food for YOU.
  • Learn the facts behind the fiction that other diet companies tell you, so that you can eat nutritiously without being restricted.
  • Learn how to eat in moderation. The “bad” foods that are really good, portion control hacks and easy healthy food choices.
  • How to read food labels to watch out for unhealthy secret ingredients.
  • How to plan your meals and shop with an understanding of the nutrition that your body needs – carbs, fat and sugar included!
Lillie Pragnell_FoodFit Nation

Experts at your fingertips

I’m Lillie – a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, here to support you with easy to follow exercises to get you moving again, whatever shape you are. I also bring expert nutritional guidance so that you learn the real science behind what you should eat.
We are real mums, with real bodies and we’ve got fit! You can too.

Nicola Marshall_FoodFit Nation

Support from “real” experiences

And I’m Nicola – an ex-weight loss consultant. I know how you’re feeling and how you’ve felt in the past too.
I’ve been every size, from an 8 to an 18 and everything in between. But I’ve lost all the weight through the FoodFit way – freedom and informed choice – and you can too!
We bring support to real life problems – emotional eating, chocolate addictions and the temptations that a busy life brings!

Together we bring a unique and personal expertise to the group and are available at any time you need some support.

Free 7-Day Meal Planner

Help with menus and recipes

We have a free meal planner to get you started, plus we regularly come into the group live to demonstrate delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes.

We teach you how to make it and WHY it’s so good for you too!

No public weigh ins!

We don’t encourage focusing on the scales. But we do offer private accountability if you want to record your weight.

The Tribe have got your back!

The FoodFit Nation Tribe is there for you every step of the way too.
Our online group are all on the same journey and all sick of being on a diet. They’re motivated to make a change in their life and are a positive, high-vibe tribe!
We are all there together through good and bad days, are there to pick you back up and help pull you through. No judgement. None of us are striving for perfection, just better health.

Join FoodFit Nation

Make a change to your life today –
for the better!

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