Bodyweight workout

It is easy to make excuses not to workout – I can’t afford the gym membership, I’m travelling with work and staying in hotels without a gym or I don’t have any equipment at home to do it myself. What happened to go old fashioned exercise? Running, skipping and even walking are easy cardio options and don’t need investment, just willpower. Resistance training can be easy too and with our easy to follow routine, you can do it anywhere, anytime at no cost.

Benefits of bodyweight workouts:

  • Its free
  • It can be done anytime, anywhere – the park, hotel room, watching TV
  • Results are quick because they are compound movements (this means using other muscles – not just the ones you are flexing)
  • It’s safe and can prevent injuries as you are not using excessive weight
  • Easy to keep it varied and can make it more difficult if need be. For example, clap at the top of each press up
  • Improves core stability – bodyweight exercises rely on engaging your core to keep you steady and balanced whilst performing the moves
  • Keeps you flexible and improves posture.
  • Improves co-ordination


Warm up – Perform each warm up exercise for 1 minute, continue without a rest until you have completed them all

  • Star jumps
  • High knees
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Punching

Workout – For every set, perform each exercise straight after each other, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times before moving on to the next set.

Set 1:

Press ups x 15

(Lying flat, face down on the floor, position your hands, shoulder width apart with elbows bent and fingers facing forward. Bring your bodyweight up onto your toes, keeping your core tight and your bum tucked in. Straighten your arms, slowly bend your elbows to bring your body lower to the ground until nearly touching the floor. Once there, exhale and push through your arm to straighten them)

Tricep dips x 15

(Using a chair or bench, sit on the edge of the bench and grip onto the side. Walk your feet out to create a distance between your body and the chair. Bend your arms to lower your bum to the ground and then on the exhale use your triceps to push your bodyweight back up to straighten your arms)

Set 2:

Flutter kicks x 30

(Lying on your back with legs extended, engage your core and lift both legs roughly 2 inches off the ground. When ready to begin kick legs up and down as if swimming. Don’t let them touch the ground!)

Leg lifts x 20

(Lying on your back with legs extended, engage your core and lift both legs until you reach a 90-degree from the ground, slowly lower them back to the floor, repeat)

Set 3:

Bodyweight squats x 20

(Place your feet shoulder width apart, keep head high and back straight, inhale and squat down until you reach a 90-degree angle or less. On your exhale Push through with the ball of your feet back to your starting position)

Lunges x 20

(Take a step forward with your right leg and hold the torso straight for secure balance.

Inhale as you squat through your hips and push the weight onto your right leg – your knees shouldn’t go further than your toes. Exhale and power through your heel to begin reversing the movement back to the starting position)

Cool down – Stretches

Side lunge – left and right

Hamstring stretch

Quadricep stretch

Hip flexor stretch

Tricep stretch

Shoulder stretch

Side stretch – left and right

Take home message

There are no excuses anymore, sorry! You can do this easy full body workout anywhere, free of charge, no equipment and comes with results. Good luck.

We are happy to answer any questions or help you in your lifestyle journey!

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FoodFit Nation is the only diet group I’ve never QUIT!

I’ve been on a diet forever – for as long as I remember, probably over 20 years.

Joanna Edge_It's the only diet I've never quit

I was in a really negative place. I had literally joined and left so many weight loss clubs over the years, I couldn’t name them all. I’m not saying that they were the problem – it’s was me.

I thought about food all day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night – what I’d done wrong and what a failure I was when I couldn’t stick to it, or ate something “bad”.

My mind just couldn’t cope with the restrictions. The more I’m on a diet, the more I want to break it. Classic yoyo dieting. I was really living that life.

It’s miserable way to be in, but I knew of nothing else. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, it’s nice to have a little bit of guidance, but I couldn’t do it with the groups either. What could I do? What could be different?

Every group I had been a member of had similar principles – they tell you what to eat to lose weight. I would start by steaming ahead and lose some weight, then stop and put it all back on and more. I would deprive myself in so many ways it was untrue. I know that these groups do work for some, but they weren’t working for me. I was miserable.

Then I heard about FoodFit Nation. It was a completely new idea and I was quite eager to get started. I was really looking forward to changing my whole lifestyle concept. I jumped on it!

It’s the only group that I’ve NEVER quit.

Last year, I had the year from hell, health wise. At one point, I was confined to the sofa for four months – I couldn’t even do 200 steps a day.

I could catch up with all the news and guidance on the Nation online group. I’d already started to make positive mindful changes to my food, which meant that while I was confined to the couch doing nothing (no exercise), I knew what was GOOD for my body, in terms of food and nutrition (which I’d never known before) and I actually LOST weight!!! Can you believe it! My mindset had changed, which gave me the knowledge to fuel my body with healthy foods instead of sabotaging it with unhealthy food that in the past I would have eaten to make me “feel” better.

The Nation is amazing. Not everyone can get to a weight loss group in person and that’s the beauty of it being online. You get ideas, and even if you don’t notice, I think you sub-consciously let it sink in and carry tips forward into your life. You can go back through all the videos in the group and watch them all whenever you like. The support is all there.

I know that I can go for coffee with friends and have a cake at the coffee shop. Not starve myself and then come home cross about missing out, so comfort eat, which then makes me feel terrible again.

Now I have the knowledge that nothing is forbidden.

I know about portion sizes and the fact that everything in moderation WORKS! You can enjoy the cake and have a nice time – why do you think it’s always the slim people that eat cake?! It’s because they know how to live within moderation, not extremes.

It feels very liberating to be a part of FoodFit Nation. It’s wonderful – it’s such a good concept.

I wish it had been around 10 years ago!

Lillie and Nicola are so lovely and supportive. They have been there every step of my journey, especially when I was starting to get better. They’re always there in the group if you need answers to questions – always fully accessible and happy to help.

Just go and find out more about it.

Do the one-day Ditch the Diet in a Day workshop, which is a fantastic idea. You’ll soon have the knowledge of how to do this on your own. It will give you everything you need to get started. Even if you wanted a refresher, it would be amazing to cement your knowledge of it all. A fabulous idea.

If I can do it and grasp it, then anyone can.

Fundamentally, you’re educated about what’s good for you and portion sizes. For example, I’ve never weighed out rice before, but the principle of the serving size suggestion spans across all meals. Nothing is banned, you just follow the guidelines across your portions. If you need rules, you just stick within these boundaries. I’m eating food that is frowned upon by other diets EVERY day now, because I have learned that they are better for me than the replacement option.

I’m so much healthier and I know it’s from packing my body full of healthy nutritious food. I haven’t had a cold since starting FoodFit. I have literally missed all the winter colds completely. My body FEELS healthier from the inside.

Life doesn’t have to be about how much you weigh.

It’s about changing your knowledge around what is healthy. It’s so easy to do – I could have easily quit, but I haven’t because I absolutely love it!

I’ve even kept weight off!

I know that once my health is back to strength, I can embrace the whole package – exercise included – and I’m certain it’s going to change my life.

ditch the diet in a day workshop

5 top tips for non-runners

Picture the scene….. I was an overweight, unfit, middle aged mother of 3 who had never run (or done very much exercise at all actually!) before. Of course it was perfectly feasible to take up running on an impulsive decision. Why wouldn’t it be…. It’s free, I can do it whenever I like, wherever I like and it will make me slim and fit!! Easy. Loads of people do it. I pass loads of runners every day, not all of them look like Mo Farah. If they can do it, I can do it…. right? Wrong. Absolutely, 100% wrong….
I downloaded the 5K runner app that I’d heard so many people talking about. I invested in a pair of running trainers and some running pants!! Yup, I felt the part, even though I certainly didn’t look it! I created a playlist of upbeat songs to listen to as I did my first ‘run’ and off I went….
I listened to the instructions – 5 minutes warm up walk, yep, that’s ok, I can do that. I did that perfectly well. Then came the run. 1 minute… no problem (or so I thought!). It’s only 1 minute! Easy!…. I was clearly deluded about my actual fitness level as that 1 minute felt like an eternity!! And running is really not a word I should use to describe it… probably more of a slow jog or fast walk! And at the end, I had to stop, reassure myself that I wasn’t dying and take my inhaler!! This did not bode well!! That first ‘run’ was hard (1 minute run and 1.5 minute walk 6 times), genuinely hard and much harder than I anticipated and I had another 5 lots to go before the cool down walk!!!! There was no way I was ever going to be able to run 5K, no way on gods earth!
I persevered with the app and although I won’t lie and say it was easy, I did it!! I worked my way through the program as it instructed me. There were days when I wasn’t able to fulfil every instruction because I simply didn’t have it in me, there were days when I didn’t manage to get out of bed because the rain was pounding down and I couldn’t find the inclination. There were days when I just didn’t want to so I didn’t but then there were days when I smashed it and felt like I could have carried on and done more. 8 weeks from when I began, I was able to run 5K!!
I kept on with the running and started the 10K runner app and the better I got, the more I enjoyed it. The sense of achievement is huge and that’s before you consider the physical and mental benefits of running. I really have got the running bug now and hate it when I don’t get out. Hardly a day passes when I don’t run at least 5K. I’ve got two 10K runs this year and my aim is to run a half marathon before the year is out. Who’d have thought it from a non-runner!! Believe me when I tell you that if i can do it, anyone can! So even if you consider yourself a non-runner, why not give it a try! It might be the best thing you ever do!
Here are my top tips for complete non-runners:
  1. Find a good app to guide you through the process of running rather than just going out, running and burning yourself out. Build up gradually.
  2. Find someone to run with if you can. Making a commitment to meet someone will mean you’ll stick to it.
  3. Make sure you warm up and cool down properly at the beginning and end of your run.
  4. Invest in a decent pair of trainers and running leggings (I’ve spent too many runs pulling up pants that just weren’t suitable – opt for a drawstring around the waist to avoid this happening!).
  5. Sign up for your local parkrun. Running with other people creates a great sense of community, encouragement and support and will also improve your performance.image1

Did you survive?

How was half term for you?

Holidays are always difficult, whether that is school holidays or just time off work. It upsets our natural rhythm and routine and can lead us straight to indulging on snacks and treats and reducing our physical activity!

We have a few tips to keep you on your toes for you next holiday or break from the norm:

  1. Still get up at your usual time – I know its the holidays but your body will thank you for it when you get back to Monday morning. Your body will probably wake up at the same time anyway, so use this time (if everyone is still asleep, then even better!) to fit in some exercise, meditation or even if its more time in the bath, use it to your advantage.
  2. Keep up your exercise routine – this may have to alter slightly depending on if you have kids or if you are away from home, but most hotels have gyms and swimming pools so actually you have the advantage to spice up your routine and try something different. If you are at home with the kids – go for walks, have treasure hunts, play games out in the garden or at the park. Use the time you spend with them getting your heart rate up, they will love the interaction and you get the exercise – win win.
  3. Eating out…..try something you haven’t tried before. If abroad try the local cuisine and fresh seafood. If it is an all you eat buffet, start with a large salad then go for chicken or fish for mains with lots of veggies. Of course enjoy your dessert too.
  4. If at home with the family, try cooking together. Try a favourite with a twist, such as cauliflower pizza or aubergine lasagne. Getting the kids involved helps interest them in food and nutrition and gives the a good basis for a healthy diet.

Most of all enjoy the break and time spent with loved ones!

Bring on the Easter Holidays!!!


Lillie & Nicola xx

Testimonial – How many diets have I been on?

Serial dieter Dawn joined us at the beginning of our FoodFit journey back in May 2017. As a yo-yo dieter and suffering the daily battle of counting calories, Dawn was excited to start FoodFit as a Gold member hoping to learn more about food and exercise but most importantly mindset.

After what has been a life changing 7 months, Dawn has religiously attended our weekly groups, taken part in our challenges and has achieved not only significant weight loss but a fantastic new lifestyle. She now walks regularly with her family, enjoys delicious new recipes each week and is very active within the FoodFit community helping her with accountability but also inspiring others to keep going.

Dawn has had a significant weight loss whilst being a member of FoodFit and what we feel is so promising is that she won’t yo-yo this weight back on. She has changed her approach to food and exercise and continuously lost small amounts each week to achieve her best weight loss to date.

Dawn – we are so so proud of you and even more so that you have been on holiday twice and still stayed in a strong mindset to be healthy and make good choices. You are a fantastic role model for your daughter and also other members.

Thank you for letting us share your journey and here is to fabulous 2018!

How many diets have I been on?!

Serial dieter Dawn joined us at the beginning of our FoodFit journey back in May 2017. As a yo-yo dieter and suffering the daily battle of counting calories, Dawn was excited to start FoodFit as a Gold member hoping to learn more about food and exercise but most importantly mindset.

After what has been a life changing 7 months, Dawn has achieved not only significant weight loss but a fantastic new lifestyle. She now walks regularly with her family, enjoys delicious new recipes each week and is very active within the FoodFit Nation community helping her with accountability but also inspiring others to keep going.

What we feel is so promising with Dawn is that she won’t yo-yo her weight loss back on. She has changed her approach to food and exercise and continuously lost small amounts each week to achieve her best weight loss to date.

Dawn – we are so, so proud of you and even more so that you have been on holiday twice and still stayed in a strong mindset to be healthy and make good choices.

You are a fantastic role model for your daughter and also other members.

Thank you for letting us share your journey and here’s to fabulous future!


“Wow – since the age of 16, I have been on every possible diet that there is, from quick fix cabbage soup to Atkins. None were maintainable – I ended up losing weight on them, but then putting that weight back on and more besides.

Emotionally before joining FoodFit, I was emotionally unwell. I knew my weight was going up and up and I couldn’t maintain it easily. Whatever I was doing didn’t work. Physically I thought I was absolutely great and I had no problem whatsoever – how wrong could I have been?!

I knew how motivational and inspirational Nicola was and the fact that she’d joined forces with a nutritionist and personal trainer was a real wow factor. It meant I didn’t have to only focus on the food. FoodFit was the whole kit and caboodle and that was something different for me.

There are lots of different things for me that are so great about FoodFit.

I’ve learnt so much about what food my body needs in terms of vitamins and good food. We all think we know these things, but actually it’s a real eye opener to understand all of it and we don’t know it all.

I have access to recipes that use good food that I wouldn’t have thought about using before, like butter in a cheese sauce. The key thing is portion size for me. I’m used to having large portions of food that wasn’t particularly tasty and then I would go to my fall back which was chocolate.

I have learnt that if you have nice food with lovely ingredients in. You don’t need as much and you feel fuller and happier.

The group is amazing – some of the members and I meet up locally and go out walking. The Facebook group is very inspirational too. I can now walk 10,000 steps – on average four and a half miles a day. I didn’t realise how unfit I was until I started walking. At the start I could only walk half a mile and at a very slow pace, coming back bright red and achy. I’ve slowly built this up and can now walk at a faster pace to get my heart rate up and still hold a conversation. Recently I had to walk very fast in order to catch a train and my friend remarked afterwards that I wouldn’t have been able to do that in the past and we would have missed the train!

FoodFit has changed my life and my attitude about food and exercise.

I now know lots of different foods that can keep me fuller for longer. I’ve recently had some non-scale victories – my blood pressure is lower, my sugar level is lower, my cholesterol is lower. I’ve gone from having sweeteners to having sugar and non-fat sprays to oils, but it’s good sugars and oils.

And the information and knowledge is key to this.

I’ve also started enjoying walks with the families – I have a Fitbit on too. And my colleagues are used to me pacing the corridors and know I’m doing my steps. Sitting for hours at work isn’t good!

As for food, I can still make the wrong decisions; I have a lifetime of making those wrong decisions.

However I now have a completely different mindset because if I have something that isn’t the best choice for me, I enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve blown it for this week and I’ll carry on blowing it until I get weighed. I enjoy it and think that tomorrow I’ll make better choices.

After all the choice is always yours.”

Click here and find out how you can join FoodFit Nation and change the way you think about dieting so that you’re free from Diet Jail forever! 

Why is FoodFit UK different?

Why should you join FoodFit UK? What makes us different from other slimming/dieting groups dominating the market? We will tell you…..

  1.  We say no to diets! As soon as you use the word, your brain goes into rebel mode and instantly feels sad and deprived. We empower members to make their own choices whilst educating and motivating them to be the best possible version of themselves.
  2. We educate our members not only on food, but also, physical exercise, mindfulness and looking after themselves to encourage a healthy ‘lifestyle’ and step away from emotional eating and stop focusing on the number on the scales.
  3. Our groups are supportive and inspiring. We add fun exciting topics including motivational speakers, exercise classes plus nutritional advice.
  4. We have 2 community groups, one in Nantwich and the other in Sandbach PLUS we have an online Nation which is accessible across the world so anyone can join our FoodFit lifestyle.

For more information on our groups and online Nation please click here OR follow us on Facebook to be kept up to date with what we have going on.

Testimonial – how changes can be made even in the toughest of times


Joanna has been extremely brave and honest in sharing this testimonial – so thank you so so much!! We hope that it will inspire and encourage others to embark on the FoodFit journey too.

6 weeks ago, Joanna had a life changing operation which had left her house bound during the recovery process. This has meant Joanna has found it hard to be active and get out swimming, something that she thoroughly enjoys. Plus, with a lot more time on her hands it is very easy to eat out of boredom and make poor choices. This is something she has admitted she would have done in the past.

However, during her post-op recovery time she has been keeping up to date with our live video’s and has been an active member of our FoodFit community. Because of this she has thrived on the knowledge that she is receiving which has encouraged her to be mindful of her meals and try some of the recipes we have covered.

One thing that Joanna opened up to us about was that over the years of being a serial dieter, this is the first time she has has lost weight and the first time she hasn’t been on a diet!

What a fantastic achievement for such a fabulous woman – well deserved Joanna and we wish you a very speedy recovery!!

Mums go global in slimming venture

My goodness, what a week it has been!! We are nearly PR’ed out!!

Firstly, we were very lucky to have a fantastic write up in our local paper, The Nantwich Chronicle. Last Wednesday we had nearly a half page spread focusing on the launch of our new group, FoodFit Nation. This is an online support group we set up to help those looking to lose weight and get healthy but lived out with the Nantwich area. We have been overwhelmed by the response and also the support from our members, buying and sharing the paper to get the word out. It is great to have such fantastic people who are also believers in what we are all about.

Secondly, Nicola was approached by local radio station, Cat Radio, to do a pre-recorded broadcast which went live last Friday to all listeners. In the broadcast Nicola discussed our passion behind the business and what makes us different from any other weight-loss support group out there and how to get involved. If you missed out, fear not you can listen right here:

For more information on any of our groups please contact us we would love to hear from you.

Success for members over our first month

What a great start we have had to FoodFit Nantwich!

Our first month has seen a great increase in the numbers of members joining each week, which is incredible and fantastic to see that people are joining us in our vision to ditch the diet!

Over the last 4 weeks we have seen a great loss each week, with an incredible 10 stone being lost over the members of the group that have chosen to weigh-in. Our members are delighted and are on-board with a sensible and steady weight-loss through healthy eating and increasing their activity levels.

We currently have a members challenge running for the month of June. This is to increase physical activity amongst members, with the key competition being themselves. Each member is required to fill in a log of their activity over the month and the winner will be the member that we feel has improved and increased activity levels over the duration.

The winner will receive an exciting prize and will be announced Wednesday 5th July!

If you would like to come and find out what FoodFit UK is all about your first session is absolutely FREE! Please get in touch.