About us

Two mums, one chance meeting, one shared passion, one new beginning….

Nicola – In June 2011, after having my 3rd child and being at my heaviest weight ever, I joined one of the UKs largest slimming organisations and lost 5 stone. For the first time in my life, I was at my dream weight. High on my new-found confidence, in February 2012, I became a Consultant and launched my own group. Helping people to lose weight and supporting each of them on their own individual journeys was a massively rewarding role and huge part of my life. I genuinely loved every minute of sharing my Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with people I considered friends. After 4 ½ years, my life took a different direction and it was time to move on. But, I missed the group, I missed the people and I missed making a difference to people’s lives. As I’m sure many of you reading this will know and understand only too well, weight loss can be one of the most difficult challenges we face. Despite knowing how to follow what I’d been taught and had been teaching others to do week in, week out, I too struggled and in the 4 ½ years of being a consultant, put all my weight back on. Stepping away gave me an opportunity to reflect on things. Over the years, I’ve seen countless people (including me!) lose weight successfully only to put it back on. I began to ask why. I believe it’s because people can follow a certain criteria or plan and be successful in the short term but unless we’ve changed some of the fundamental issues behind why we gain weight, old habits easily reappear. I have seen the importance of group support and sharing in one another’s success and supporting one another through the highs and lows. I realised that I wanted to be able to go back into a group again and offer the support, inspiration, motivation, education, encouragement and all the things that are needed when we’re on what can often be a difficult personal journey. Time away from the food strategies I’d learnt over the last 5 years was just what I needed. It enabled me to change my approach completely and begin to lose weight again. It reignited my passion for helping people to achieve their dream weight but this time, I wanted to be able to help and encourage people to do this through a nutritional based healthy eating plan – enriching their bodies with foods that are so incredibly good for us but so often off limits – foods like avocado and nuts. I knew what I wanted but knew I couldn’t do it without the knowledge of an amazing nutritionist…….

And then I met Lillie……..

Lillie – Being a beauty therapist and running my own business for a number of years, I found that similar issues kept on reoccurring. Clients came to me with poor skin, sore joints, bloating and psoriasis to name a few and asking what creams they could use or what treatment would benefit them. It was only when I was personally diagnosed with Coeliacs disease that the switch flicked in my head, these women needed to look at their diet to improve these issues not put cream on them!! So, I decided to take my knowledge one step further and study a degree in Nutrition, where I finished receiving a 1st Class Honors. This then led me to the sports nutrition industry where I trained to become a personal trainer, giving me the knowledge and background to be able to design products for athletes and bodybuilders. After having my son in 2015, I took a step back from the corporate world and set-up on my own working with clients, on a 1-2-1 basis helping them to take baby steps to get to where they want to be whether that be nutritionally or physically, usually both. I absolutely love my job and helping people become the best version of themselves gives me great job satisfaction. By educating and empowering people to love their bodies again they grow a new found respect which helps them make better, well-educated choices in their lifestyles.