FoodFit Nation is the only diet group I’ve never QUIT!

I’ve been on a diet forever – for as long as I remember, probably over 20 years.

Joanna Edge_It's the only diet I've never quit

I was in a really negative place. I had literally joined and left so many weight loss clubs over the years, I couldn’t name them all. I’m not saying that they were the problem – it’s was me.

I thought about food all day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night – what I’d done wrong and what a failure I was when I couldn’t stick to it, or ate something “bad”.

My mind just couldn’t cope with the restrictions. The more I’m on a diet, the more I want to break it. Classic yoyo dieting. I was really living that life.

It’s miserable way to be in, but I knew of nothing else. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, it’s nice to have a little bit of guidance, but I couldn’t do it with the groups either. What could I do? What could be different?

Every group I had been a member of had similar principles – they tell you what to eat to lose weight. I would start by steaming ahead and lose some weight, then stop and put it all back on and more. I would deprive myself in so many ways it was untrue. I know that these groups do work for some, but they weren’t working for me. I was miserable.

Then I heard about FoodFit Nation. It was a completely new idea and I was quite eager to get started. I was really looking forward to changing my whole lifestyle concept. I jumped on it!

It’s the only group that I’ve NEVER quit.

Last year, I had the year from hell, health wise. At one point, I was confined to the sofa for four months – I couldn’t even do 200 steps a day.

I could catch up with all the news and guidance on the Nation online group. I’d already started to make positive mindful changes to my food, which meant that while I was confined to the couch doing nothing (no exercise), I knew what was GOOD for my body, in terms of food and nutrition (which I’d never known before) and I actually LOST weight!!! Can you believe it! My mindset had changed, which gave me the knowledge to fuel my body with healthy foods instead of sabotaging it with unhealthy food that in the past I would have eaten to make me “feel” better.

The Nation is amazing. Not everyone can get to a weight loss group in person and that’s the beauty of it being online. You get ideas, and even if you don’t notice, I think you sub-consciously let it sink in and carry tips forward into your life. You can go back through all the videos in the group and watch them all whenever you like. The support is all there.

I know that I can go for coffee with friends and have a cake at the coffee shop. Not starve myself and then come home cross about missing out, so comfort eat, which then makes me feel terrible again.

Now I have the knowledge that nothing is forbidden.

I know about portion sizes and the fact that everything in moderation WORKS! You can enjoy the cake and have a nice time – why do you think it’s always the slim people that eat cake?! It’s because they know how to live within moderation, not extremes.

It feels very liberating to be a part of FoodFit Nation. It’s wonderful – it’s such a good concept.

I wish it had been around 10 years ago!

Lillie and Nicola are so lovely and supportive. They have been there every step of my journey, especially when I was starting to get better. They’re always there in the group if you need answers to questions – always fully accessible and happy to help.

Just go and find out more about it.

Do the one-day Ditch the Diet in a Day workshop, which is a fantastic idea. You’ll soon have the knowledge of how to do this on your own. It will give you everything you need to get started. Even if you wanted a refresher, it would be amazing to cement your knowledge of it all. A fabulous idea.

If I can do it and grasp it, then anyone can.

Fundamentally, you’re educated about what’s good for you and portion sizes. For example, I’ve never weighed out rice before, but the principle of the serving size suggestion spans across all meals. Nothing is banned, you just follow the guidelines across your portions. If you need rules, you just stick within these boundaries. I’m eating food that is frowned upon by other diets EVERY day now, because I have learned that they are better for me than the replacement option.

I’m so much healthier and I know it’s from packing my body full of healthy nutritious food. I haven’t had a cold since starting FoodFit. I have literally missed all the winter colds completely. My body FEELS healthier from the inside.

Life doesn’t have to be about how much you weigh.

It’s about changing your knowledge around what is healthy. It’s so easy to do – I could have easily quit, but I haven’t because I absolutely love it!

I’ve even kept weight off!

I know that once my health is back to strength, I can embrace the whole package – exercise included – and I’m certain it’s going to change my life.

ditch the diet in a day workshop

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