Did you survive?

How was half term for you?

Holidays are always difficult, whether that is school holidays or just time off work. It upsets our natural rhythm and routine and can lead us straight to indulging on snacks and treats and reducing our physical activity!

We have a few tips to keep you on your toes for you next holiday or break from the norm:

  1. Still get up at your usual time – I know its the holidays but your body will thank you for it when you get back to Monday morning. Your body will probably wake up at the same time anyway, so use this time (if everyone is still asleep, then even better!) to fit in some exercise, meditation or even if its more time in the bath, use it to your advantage.
  2. Keep up your exercise routine – this may have to alter slightly depending on if you have kids or if you are away from home, but most hotels have gyms and swimming pools so actually you have the advantage to spice up your routine and try something different. If you are at home with the kids – go for walks, have treasure hunts, play games out in the garden or at the park. Use the time you spend with them getting your heart rate up, they will love the interaction and you get the exercise – win win.
  3. Eating out…..try something you haven’t tried before. If abroad try the local cuisine and fresh seafood. If it is an all you eat buffet, start with a large salad then go for chicken or fish for mains with lots of veggies. Of course enjoy your dessert too.
  4. If at home with the family, try cooking together. Try a favourite with a twist, such as cauliflower pizza or aubergine lasagne. Getting the kids involved helps interest them in food and nutrition and gives the a good basis for a healthy diet.

Most of all enjoy the break and time spent with loved ones!

Bring on the Easter Holidays!!!


Lillie & Nicola xx


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