Testimonial – How many diets have I been on?

Serial dieter Dawn joined us at the beginning of our FoodFit journey back in May 2017. As a yo-yo dieter and suffering the daily battle of counting calories, Dawn was excited to start FoodFit as a Gold member hoping to learn more about food and exercise but most importantly mindset.

After what has been a life changing 7 months, Dawn has religiously attended our weekly groups, taken part in our challenges and has achieved not only significant weight loss but a fantastic new lifestyle. She now walks regularly with her family, enjoys delicious new recipes each week and is very active within the FoodFit community helping her with accountability but also inspiring others to keep going.

Dawn has had a significant weight loss whilst being a member of FoodFit and what we feel is so promising is that she won’t yo-yo this weight back on. She has changed her approach to food and exercise and continuously lost small amounts each week to achieve her best weight loss to date.

Dawn – we are so so proud of you and even more so that you have been on holiday twice and still stayed in a strong mindset to be healthy and make good choices. You are a fantastic role model for your daughter and also other members.

Thank you for letting us share your journey and here is to fabulous 2018!


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