How many diets have I been on?!

Serial dieter Dawn joined us at the beginning of our FoodFit journey back in May 2017. As a yo-yo dieter and suffering the daily battle of counting calories, Dawn was excited to start FoodFit as a Gold member hoping to learn more about food and exercise but most importantly mindset.

After what has been a life changing 7 months, Dawn has achieved not only significant weight loss but a fantastic new lifestyle. She now walks regularly with her family, enjoys delicious new recipes each week and is very active within the FoodFit Nation community helping her with accountability but also inspiring others to keep going.

What we feel is so promising with Dawn is that she won’t yo-yo her weight loss back on. She has changed her approach to food and exercise and continuously lost small amounts each week to achieve her best weight loss to date.

Dawn – we are so, so proud of you and even more so that you have been on holiday twice and still stayed in a strong mindset to be healthy and make good choices.

You are a fantastic role model for your daughter and also other members.

Thank you for letting us share your journey and here’s to fabulous future!


“Wow – since the age of 16, I have been on every possible diet that there is, from quick fix cabbage soup to Atkins. None were maintainable – I ended up losing weight on them, but then putting that weight back on and more besides.

Emotionally before joining FoodFit, I was emotionally unwell. I knew my weight was going up and up and I couldn’t maintain it easily. Whatever I was doing didn’t work. Physically I thought I was absolutely great and I had no problem whatsoever – how wrong could I have been?!

I knew how motivational and inspirational Nicola was and the fact that she’d joined forces with a nutritionist and personal trainer was a real wow factor. It meant I didn’t have to only focus on the food. FoodFit was the whole kit and caboodle and that was something different for me.

There are lots of different things for me that are so great about FoodFit.

I’ve learnt so much about what food my body needs in terms of vitamins and good food. We all think we know these things, but actually it’s a real eye opener to understand all of it and we don’t know it all.

I have access to recipes that use good food that I wouldn’t have thought about using before, like butter in a cheese sauce. The key thing is portion size for me. I’m used to having large portions of food that wasn’t particularly tasty and then I would go to my fall back which was chocolate.

I have learnt that if you have nice food with lovely ingredients in. You don’t need as much and you feel fuller and happier.

The group is amazing – some of the members and I meet up locally and go out walking. The Facebook group is very inspirational too. I can now walk 10,000 steps – on average four and a half miles a day. I didn’t realise how unfit I was until I started walking. At the start I could only walk half a mile and at a very slow pace, coming back bright red and achy. I’ve slowly built this up and can now walk at a faster pace to get my heart rate up and still hold a conversation. Recently I had to walk very fast in order to catch a train and my friend remarked afterwards that I wouldn’t have been able to do that in the past and we would have missed the train!

FoodFit has changed my life and my attitude about food and exercise.

I now know lots of different foods that can keep me fuller for longer. I’ve recently had some non-scale victories – my blood pressure is lower, my sugar level is lower, my cholesterol is lower. I’ve gone from having sweeteners to having sugar and non-fat sprays to oils, but it’s good sugars and oils.

And the information and knowledge is key to this.

I’ve also started enjoying walks with the families – I have a Fitbit on too. And my colleagues are used to me pacing the corridors and know I’m doing my steps. Sitting for hours at work isn’t good!

As for food, I can still make the wrong decisions; I have a lifetime of making those wrong decisions.

However I now have a completely different mindset because if I have something that isn’t the best choice for me, I enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve blown it for this week and I’ll carry on blowing it until I get weighed. I enjoy it and think that tomorrow I’ll make better choices.

After all the choice is always yours.”

Click here and find out how you can join FoodFit Nation and change the way you think about dieting so that you’re free from Diet Jail forever! 

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