Testimonial – how changes can be made even in the toughest of times


Joanna has been extremely brave and honest in sharing this testimonial – so thank you so so much!! We hope that it will inspire and encourage others to embark on the FoodFit journey too.

6 weeks ago, Joanna had a life changing operation which had left her house bound during the recovery process. This has meant Joanna has found it hard to be active and get out swimming, something that she thoroughly enjoys. Plus, with a lot more time on her hands it is very easy to eat out of boredom and make poor choices. This is something she has admitted she would have done in the past.

However, during her post-op recovery time she has been keeping up to date with our live video’s and has been an active member of our FoodFit community. Because of this she has thrived on the knowledge that she is receiving which has encouraged her to be mindful of her meals and try some of the recipes we have covered.

One thing that Joanna opened up to us about was that over the years of being a serial dieter, this is the first time she has has lost weight and the first time she hasn’t been on a diet!

What a fantastic achievement for such a fabulous woman – well deserved Joanna and we wish you a very speedy recovery!!


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